We firmly believe that great wine starts in the vineyard. Healthy vines yield quality fruit which in turn gives us a great starting point to make premium wines that are a true expression of our terroir.

Fostering the health of our vines and the soil they grow on requires a labour-intensive and hands-on approach. We tuck and thin the shoots by hand to increase sun exposure and air flow. We keep the yields low by cluster thinning to ensure that all the energy of the vine is focused in fewer grape clusters which then become more concentrated in flavour. We hand-pick our grapes to select the very best fruit. We also proudly practice organic farming. Organic farming feeds the vines and controls diseases without the use of synthetic insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers. We strive to create a diversified balanced ecosystem that generates health and fertility from the vineyard itself. Healthy vines mean less need for outside substances to control diseases and promote growth. By being present in the vineyard, we are able to anticipate and prevent issues. We also get help from our friends from the animal realm. Our chicken feed on bugs, our sheep eat the lower vine leaves to expose the grapes to the ripening sun and using horses instead of tractors whenever we can, helps avoid soil compaction. We believe that a organic wine produced from quality fruit sourced from a healthy vineyard contributes to both the health of the land and the pleasure and well being of the individual enjoying a glass.

Leaving No
Stone Unturned.